Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

A restaurant kitchen is one of the most regularly cleaned areas, and for a good reason. The existing industry regulations, particularly NFPA 96 and the commercial cooking operations code dictate that safety must be a priority. This is in response to the ever-present danger of grease buildup, bacteria, and other hazards in a restaurant kitchen.

Kitchen equipment, in particular, must be kept clean and free of built-up grime. Doing so reduces the risk of contamination, bacteria growth, and fire hazards. As such, a comprehensive cleaning plan is in place that includes routine maintenance and deep cleanings.

Muskoka Hood Cleaning will perform restaurant equipment cleaning for your convenience. Call us immediately to learn about the several cleaning packages we have for you.


Restaurant Equipment Cleaning
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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Guide

Cleanliness is the key to your restaurant’s success. All equipment used in cooking, preparing, and serving food must be kept clean. A cleaning checklist must incorporate the following:

Hood Cleaning: Muskoka Hood Cleaning takes care of your hood with the help of steam, degreasers, and pressure washing. This job’s focal point is removing baked-on grease and dirt buildup.

Filter Cleaning: Filters on the exhaust system are the most abused components of the hood system. They must be washed regularly to prevent grease from accumulating and spreading in the kitchen. Filters must also be replaced, depending on the type and frequency of use.

Ductwork Cleaning: Restaurants must regularly clean their exhaust system, particularly if the ducts are made of metal or have been exposed to high temperatures. To ensure optimal results, it’s best to consult a professional for any necessary cleaning services.

Sanitation: To prevent foodborne illnesses, clean all surfaces and equipment with approved sanitizers. This chore should be performed daily, right after finishing the final cleanup.

Deep Clean: Complete a deep cleaning at least once a month to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly scrubbed, scraped, and rinsed. This will help eliminate any hidden germs or dirt particles missed during daily cleaning. Deep cleaning is Muskoka Hood Cleaning’s forte. Let our industry-leading team of cleaners take care of this job through regular inspections and visits.


Back-of-House Cleaning Checklist

The most successful restaurants rely on a pre-determined and properly implemented cleaning checklist that covers all back-of-house (BOH) areas. This includes walk-in refrigerators, coolers, and freezers. Here are a few of the key points to consider:

Floor Cleaning: Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors in the kitchen area daily to keep food dirt from settling there. Cleaning the floors weekly with a heavy-duty cleaner is also recommended to kill bacteria and other germs.

Equipment and Appliances: All equipment and appliances must be wiped down after each use. This cleaning should include wiping off all surfaces, including handles, knobs, switches, and control buttons. Grease buildup on the equipment can be a potential fire hazard and needs to be removed.

Refrigerators, Freezers, and Coolers: Part of the maintenance job for this equipment include wiping down the doors, gaskets (rubber seal), inner walls, shelves, and drawers. The same goes for any ice machines used in the kitchen and any other cold storage devices.

Walls and Baseboards: Cleaning walls and baseboards are crucial in keeping food debris, dust, and dirt from settling. Wipe down these surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge regularly.

Ceilings and Light Fixtures: Keeping the ceiling clean prevents built-up dirt and dust from settling. Clean the ceiling, light fixtures, and other overhead components regularly with a damp cloth.

At Muskoka Hood Cleaning, we will assess your restaurant’s cleaning needs and create a customized checklist for back-of-house cleaning. Let’s discuss your needs and develop a cleaning plan tailored to your requirements.


How to Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Muskoka Hood Cleaning adheres to these proven and reliable steps in cleaning commercial kitchen equipment:

Step 1: Disconnect the equipment from its power source and remove any extra parts, such as grills or racks.

Step 2: Use hot water and mild soap to remove all dirt and food particles. Scrub stubborn spots with a brush to get rid of grease buildup.

Step 3: Rinse off all surfaces thoroughly with hot water.

Step 4: Sanitize all surfaces with an approved sanitizer, such as chlorine bleach or quaternary ammonium compounds.

Step 5: Allow the equipment to air-dry before reassembling and reconnecting it to its power source.

Consult a professional from Muskoka Hood Cleaning before attempting to deep clean any restaurant equipment. What’s even better? Let us do the job for you. We will give your kitchen a professional-grade clean in no time!


How to Clean and Maintain Grease Traps, Inceptors and Kitchen Exhaust Systems

It’s a given for any restaurant setting that grease traps, inceptors, and kitchen exhaust systems will eventually get clogged or dirty. At Muskoka Hood Cleaning, we insist on preventive maintenance for this equipment. Regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance will help you save on costly repairs and ensure that the air quality in your restaurant remains safe from any contaminants.

We will inspect your grease traps and inceptors to see if they work properly. We deliver deep cleaning services for kitchen exhaust systems, i.e., hoods, ducts, fans and filters, to eliminate any grease buildup.


Cleaning Countertops and Hard Surfaces

The way to effectively clean countertops and hard surfaces in a commercial kitchen involves the use of hot water pressure washers. Hot-pressure washers don’t just remove built-up dirt and debris but can also kill 99.99 percent of the usual germs and bacteria that threaten a restaurant’s cleanliness.

At Muskoka Hood Cleaning, we use hot-pressure washers to deep clean the kitchen area, countertops, sinks, faucets, griddles and other hard surfaces in your restaurant. We also check for any water or gas leaks when we do our cleaning.

Restaurants should use a hot-pressure washer at least once every three months to keep their kitchen area clean and safe from contaminants. Contact Muskoka Hood Cleaning to discuss your commercial kitchen’s deep cleaning needs.


Cleaning Kitchen Floors, Walls, and Ceiling

Cleaning the kitchen floor is a major part of keeping your restaurant clean and hygienic. Floors should be swept or vacuumed regularly to remove all unwanted dirt and debris. Mop the floor with a mild detergent to remove any traces of dirt or grease.

Walls and baseboards should be regularly wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. Cleaning the ceiling prevents built-up dirt and dust from settling. Use a damp cloth to clean light fixtures and other overhead components.

With our team of experienced cleaners, cleaning your kitchen’s ceiling, floor, and walls is as quick and efficient as possible. Call today to get a free estimate.



Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

How you approach the responsibility of restaurant kitchen cleaning determines the cleanliness and safety of your kitchen. To keep things in order, create a checklist of tasks that need to be done weekly, monthly and yearly.

The weekly cleaning routine involves wiping all surfaces, mopping the floors, and disinfecting cutting boards with certified cleaners. You should deep clean equipment such as ovens and stoves every month, plus replace any worn floor mats.

Annually, you must inspect fire suppression systems, grease traps, and exhaust systems – not forgetting a thorough kitchen scrubbing too!


Muskoka Commercial Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Grease is the number one enemy of kitchen equipment. That said, regular surface cleaning won’t cut it if baked on grease is apparent in restaurant equipment, i.e., stoves, grills, and ovens. Muskoka Hood Cleaning gets rid of even the most stubborn grime with the help of advanced degreasing agents.

Our deep cleaning service also takes care of walk-in coolers and freezers. Our team of experts will clean hard-to-reach areas, eliminating any food spills and ensuring the highest levels of hygiene in your restaurant kitchen.

If you need that kind of service, please get in touch with us ASAP so we can figure out the right cleaning package. Don’t worry – all our services are reasonably priced with a quick turnaround guarantee.


Restaurant Steam Cleaning Equipment in Muskoka

The primary reason why Muskoka Hood Cleaning uses steam cleaning for restaurant equipment is to avoid using chemical-based degreasers. Steam cleaning is a safe and efficient way of removing dirt, grease, grime, and other contaminants. It also helps to preserve the equipment by reducing wear on components like motors and fans.

Our steam cleaning services are combined with exhaust hoods and all related kitchen equipment, from vents to filters. We use special steam cleaning equipment that reaches every nook and cranny while also killing most germs. The whole process is as hassle-free as possible – call us today to get started!


Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

The kitchen equipment in a restaurant should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that it is hygienic and safe for use. Let Muskoka Hood Cleaning take care of your kitchen’s deep cleaning needs with our advanced steam cleaning technology.

Our kitchen equipment cleaning coverage is as follows: ovens, grills and fryers, stoves, steam tables, sushi counters and other specialized restaurant equipment. Contact us and grab your free estimate for our commercial kitchen deep cleaning services.


Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Having the right supplies isn’t enough to deep clean your restaurant equipment. Professional cleaning companies like Muskoka Hood Cleaning exist because of the expertise and experience we bring to the table.

Cleaning is just a part of the intricate process. Our services also incorporate damage prevention, an inspection of equipment that may require repair or replacement, and recommendations for better practices. Don’t risk your restaurant’s cleanliness and safety – let Muskoka Hood Cleaning clean your kitchen equipment.


Restaurant Equipment

Muskoka Hood Cleaning is the trusted choice for restaurant equipment cleaning in Muskoka, Ontario. Restaurant equipment requires constant attention as it is used heavily. In kitchens that cater to hundreds of patrons daily, the equipment must remain in top working condition for the safety and satisfaction of customers.

We use commercial-grade cleaning supplies and degreasers to remove tough deposits and grime from the surfaces of restaurant equipment. Our detailed inspection reports on each piece of equipment and our prompt service are sure to make your restaurant look clean and presentable.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The need to deep clean a commercial kitchen is born out of the requirement to keep up with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Restaurant owners and employees must be aware of health hazards from poor kitchen sanitation. One is the risk of contamination from food-borne illnesses caused by contaminated surfaces and equipment.

Muskoka Hood Cleaning offers commercial kitchen cleaning services for restaurants in Muskoka, Ontario. Our team takes advantage of steam cleaning technology to clean the entire kitchen facility – floors, walls, exhaust hoods and fans, ovens and grills, countertops, sinks, and more.

We take extra care in cleaning the kitchen properly so your staff and customers are safe


Greasy Restaurant Kitchen Floor

One reason why kitchen floors are an accident-prone area is due to grease, food particles, and other materials that may have been dropped on the floor. This creates a slippery surface. So, how does Muskoka Hood Cleaning address a greasy restaurant kitchen floor? First, we use a steam cleaning machine to break down and remove the grease from the floors.

Then, we apply an anti-slip coating or solution to reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Finally, we buff the floors with industrial polishing machines for a clean, glossy finish that looks spotless. Contact us today to learn more about this service.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Muskoka Hood Cleaning offers Ontario’s most detailed restaurant deep cleaning service. Our commercial kitchen cleaning checklist is comprehensive and includes:

Cleaning of walls, floors, stairs and countertops

– Cleaning of ovens, grills, stoves, and steam tables

– Disinfection of all surfaces with appropriate sanitizers

– Degreasing of exhaust fans, hoods, and filters

– Cleaning of exhaust ducts and vents

– Removal of grease build-up in kitchen equipment

Let Muskoka Hood Cleaning be your partner in keeping your restaurant’s kitchen and equipment clean, safe, and health-inspection-approved. Give us a call; we hope to build a lasting relationship with you soon!